George Castle Gowlland


George Castle Gowlland, age 56, head of household, lodger, married, Nautical Inst Maker, born Stepney

Martha A Gowlland, age 48, [second] wife, born Wapping

Alexander Mustart, age 16, stepson, employed at provision warehouse, born Stepney

George Mustart, age 14, stepson, waiter, born Stepney

26 Heath Street, Stepney, Registered District Mile End Old Town



Louisa M Bouverie


Louisa M Gowlland, age 61, head, married, born Yarmouth, Norfolk

Louisa M Bouverie, age 34, daughter, widow, born Deptford

Rosa E Austen, age 29, niece, born Gosport, Hants

Elizabeth Watson, age 25, cook, born Strumpshaw, Norfolk

Elizabeth Charlton, age 19, housemaid, born Rochester, Kent

10 St Georges Villas, St Georges Villas, Islington.  Reg District Islington





Richard (Optician) Gowlland


Richard Gowlland, age 42, head, married, optician, born Stepney, Middlesex

Jane Gowlland, age 33, wife, born Stepney, Middlex

Richard Gowlland, age 14, son, toll collector's assistant, born Stepney

William Gowlland, age 10, son, scholar, born Stepney

Mary Stapp, age 23, sister-in-law, servant [wife's younger sister, presumably] born St Sepulchre, Middx

4 Lower John Street, Stepney.  Reg District Tower Hamlets








John Thomas Ewing (Jack) Gowlland


Jno [his nickname of Jack wrongly implied a first name of James] S Gowlland, age 23, Assistant to Master, born Leysdown, Kent

On the SS "Hecate", off Canada